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tv   WBZ News  CBS  October 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the development coming ten days before the election. >> we know this has a connection to the investigation into disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. let's get right over to leah martin with the breaking details. >>reporter: weiner under investigation for allegedly texting at 15 girl his wife one clinton's top advisers and the investigation sees the couple's electronic devices. on one, they have apparently recovered e-mails they decided to redo. director comey in his letter to congress today said some e- mails appear to be pertinent to the investigation into clinton's private e-mail server. he said it is not clear if the material is significant, the e- mails are now being reviewed and that it is not known how
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cbs news says the clinton campaign released a statement a short time ago saying that clinton campaign today in iowa, did not address the development, i believe we had a statement there, she in person during her trip today to iowa did not address it. she was trying to stay on message about the middle class 11 days out on election day. >> we also have to make the economy work for everyone, not just those at the top. men and women, the you everybody should have an economic opportunity to go as far as they can because i believe when the middle class thrives america thrives. >>reporter: in the statement from campaign, clinton's campaign, they said they want comey to release more information. they feel his letter is vague and leaves too many open questions. it's unclear if director comey plans to speak publicly. the clinton campaign tonight calling the timing of the letter extraordinary. >> donald trump seizing on
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live from manchester, beth? >>reporter: of trump cannot wait to respond to supporters, the news breaking before the rally here. this is an issue he has raised over and over again in this campaign but today he not only praise the fbi but suggested its new investigation may prove the system is not so rigged after all. >> i need to open with a very critical, breaking news announcement [ cheering ] >>reporter: donald trump pouncing on the turn of events with a new opportunity to make his long-held argument that hillary clinton leaves she is above the law, now praising the fbi. >> i think they are going to right the ship. [ cheering ] and they are going to save their great reputation by doing so. >>reporter: trump has criticized the fbi for not bringing charges against clinton for using a private e- mail server and made this
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investigation. >> this is bigger than watergate watergate. >>reporter: the question now, will it change the dynamic of the race just 11 days out? his supporter see a game changer. >> i think it is going to be looking better for trump because what he has said has been true. >> i think it can change things are republicans, and a lot of independence. >>reporter: trump did not seem to want to talk about anything else. >> the rest of my speech is going to be so boring. >>reporter: but he hopes justice will not be served and he also hopes this is a political gift, days before the election. a live look outside where we are in for a final dose of wind and showers tonight before we see improvement. they want to check in with eric fisher. >>reporter: we could use some of that. pretty nasty there gusting up
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gusts of 32, winds out of the northwest and not very warm outside. i'm sure you have noticed. temperatures in the 40s. the good news it won't get too much colder tonight. here you see that storm spinning off to aris. the last bits lives across the coastline tonight and we start to work in clearing after midnight. wind advisory is in effect across the seacoast and north shore. cape cod, the islands until 11:00. gusts could be up to or exceeding 50 miles per hour. we fall back into the 30s although most towns will stay a freezing tonight. after this a warming trend on the way for the weekend. or sunshine as well. >> sunshine would be nice. set for the switch. now just hours away from the mass pike's change over to all electronic tolling. >> a live look at the mass pike now, typical slow ride home as you head westbound. once the switch happens, just about everybody is going to experience delays. could be slow going for a
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done, this is what the mass pike will look like. >> in the long run, it will be free and easy, should make for a faster commute, much smoother. expect headaches at the beginning. for people who work the tollbooths for years, this departure is bittersweet. live with the story tonight. bill? >>reporter: anybody who has driven on the mass pike has a story about told takers, good and bad. personally, i have met well let's just say maybe they were having a bad day but about 10:00 tonight, they are all gone. >> it is sad. we are all leaving. >>reporter: for years they have greeted us at the tollbooths. some with a smile, some just out there hand. tonight, told takers are gone. >> just stay there them.
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replaced people. a couple hundred of them. for 22 years, he has worked the told the. >> i will miss my coworkers for the most part. and drivers a lot have been coming here for years and you kind of got to know them. sad about it too. >>reporter: these young told takers, now looking for new jobs. some of the ol assignments. others have retired. >> i am a people person. >> so, isn't it going to be tough on you? >> it will be, a little bit. i like talking to people. >>reporter: for the next few months or year you may wish the told takers were back. >> be patient if you don't have a transponder, the patient on the roads for the next month well we get tollbooths taken down. >>reporter: next month, the
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to be 23 work sounds. in the next few months, maybe a year. [ technical difficulty ]. we can give you a better look at this you will see what lebanon, new hampshire, police up. a driver under the influence behind the wheel, another driver took the video showing the car swerving all over the road. moments later, the car goes into the poll. the driver had minor injuries and is facing charges tonight. the patriots now two days from a shot at redemption. the only team is the bills and sunday brady and company will take them on a buffalo. >> tom will be fired up, this sunday patriots week the halfway mark of the regular- season with the wind in buffalo
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the afc east. it will be easy, even with tom brady around this time. the bills beat the pats and week 4, they shut them out 16- 0. patriots were without brady and rob gronkowski was not 100% either. now back doing his thing. a touchdown away from becoming the all-time patriots leader in touchdowns. >> that is the last thing i am thinking about right now. we've got a big game here, we've got the buffalo bills going into buffalo. the crowd will be super loud, always into it, a lot of energy. that's the last thing i'm thinking about. if it happens, it happens. as of right now i am just focusing on the bills, that is the last thing i want to talk about. >> we know the record will come soon enough. for the last three games he has had 16 catches for 364 yards and two scores, safe to say he is feeling pretty good these days. >> we like to hear that.
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after the attack at the finish line. >> a boston marathon bombing survivor reunited with her personal items from that day. how she says it is helping her start a new chapter. a happy homecoming for three seal pups rescued months
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. helping to close a very painful part of her past, a boston survivor gets her belongings back from that terrible day. erika branigan was standing near the finish line waiting for her mother to cross when the first bomb exploded. >> three years later she is reclaiming her belongings and says it is part of the healing. >> the below message me and say i'm thinking about you, with everything going on. >>reporter: for erica brannock every step reminder, after multiple surgeries now living
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like seeing the clothes she was wearing and where the pieces of shrapnel pierced her body. >> at first i wasn't sure i wanted to see my clothes. and when i was there i decided i do and i saw my shirt, i had a ravens shirt on that i loved and i remember being so upset that they cut it. i had my jeans and i saw how shredded and torn apart they were an shoe they kept and now that i am an amputee on my left side it was very emotional seeing my shoe. >>reporter: the fbi held onto the items as evidence, then send them to be decontaminated. last month erica was able to pick up her possession. >> i charged my phone, still had everything on there, i had 67 text messages over ten voicemails from that day that i
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they had sent me. >>reporter: she doesn't know what she will do with these items, but says she isn't ready to part with them. >> weird, very emotional but also healing at the same time because i have come full circle with it. >>reporter: brannock back teaching preschool in maryland, also helping the fbi with a new, online tool that educates teenagers about violent extremism. >> you don't think of these little things that recur through the years. three years later, suddenly there is this idea that we will give you back your belongings. something not at the top of your mind that suddenly brings back this emotion. >> and voicemail messages, all essentially frozen in time. let's talk about the weather. 44 degrees right now, a putrid day. >> you are saying that weekend is better we can all look forward to that? >> hard to get much worse. wind, cold temperatures but the
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fall, just as dry run coastal maine as we have been in southern wrigley. new hampshire two and a half inches in, larry in attleboro an inch and in boston sitting at 5.32 inches of rain, more rain in the city of boston then june, july, august and september combined, all four months. more than that and just in october. hour in bedford and portsmouth. provincetown 51 miles per hour at this time, could be scattered outages on cape cod this evening. most rain showers starting to weekend, still drizzle tonight up until about midnight and strongest winds until midnight. trending down from west to east as we head through the next several hours and as we head toward tomorrow morning, a little lighter breeze outside. saturday morning plans 1st half of the day not too much
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tomorrow afternoon winds will turn south and west and start gusting again especially toward the south coast, cape and islands over 30 miles per hour marketing. rain showers moving off to the east. we start drying out and get clearing. as we head past midnight. saturday and sunday not a lot of active weather. a blend of southern cloud cover doesn't look like rain threatens us. slight chance of lady shower tomorrow and after sunset sunday. wind and lake clearing and less wind and temperatures fall to the 30s. tomorrow mid to upper 50s at a milder day. more sunshine to enjoy winds to become an issue until the afternoon. again out of the southwest. chance of an evening shower day by day saturday night and on sunday a mile day, 60 degrees mix of sun and clouds and a northwesterly breeze. i bet a few people will head to salem, massachusetts as we look
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all the halloween happenings and pamela gardner live with a preview. >>reporter: it is a little chilly, a little misty but things are picking up. one of the main streets for haunted happenings in salem, the center of halloween. i can't believe it is here with the finale of course on halloween. i met some friends, students, are you enjoying salem? >> yes. >> what is your favorite part? >> the which >> times of history here in salem but it in addition to history we have haunted houses and tourist, a fun time. if you haven't already been, we want to show you the forecast this weekend. it does get better but you want to have extra layers. temperatures mid to upper 50s
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and trick-or-treaters halloween, it is going to be chilly, bone chilling. trick-or- treaters need an extra layer two. let's -- looks like a lot of fun and sale of the improving forecast a good thing. halloween temperatures falling back to the 40s but not much wind monday night, the big thing. next week we have a warm-up, upper 50s by tuesday, upper 60s by wednesday and maybe a shot at 70 i thursday so changes are coming. yet another airplane fire, at the fort lauderdale airport. you can see it is a fedex playing that caught fire on the runway. we do not know if this plane was taking off or landing. however i am seen information that perhaps it just arrived from memphis and it was a dc-10 coming from cbs miami. there are different pieces of video on social media as well
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from the side of the plane. again they are foaming down the runway and the airport is closed. again, fort lauderdale airport, a fedex playing this comes a short time after we saw a plane that caught fire at o'hare airport in chicago as well. >> more on the cdc he knows -- cbs evening news can now patrick -- patriots talking a chance to get revenge. >> time to get that back. >> the last time path swept by buffalo in a season series, 19 0 >> 99, come on, david. once again they are a healthy bunch, both bolden and collins off the injured list today that is the good news. if there's any bad news bennett did not participate, one of seven players listed as questionable for sunday. bennett has a bad ankle which has limited him the past couple weeks but the other tight end says he feels great. >> i was so like when i am in
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top of your game. always a good feeling to go out and have that type of confidence. every single week, the work you have to put in an order to feel on top of your game every single week. a new week every week and that is what i put in during that week to feel i am on top of my game come sunday. as of right now i feel good for sure. >> as for the bills a little beat up. lesean mccoy had a good game earlier this month hamstring means cuts like this would make it difficult for him. rex ryan says the last time these two teams played rings were different without tom brady. >> i will admit it. it was probably an easier game and playing without him. i am here to say it was easier. >>reporter: why do you think that? >> just sticking with the fact, the truth. i tried to tell you the truth. >> rex ryan, master of the
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coming up 7:00 top of our look look back the win in pittsburgh and sunday's clash with the bills the buffalo and the great logan ryan drizzle. wbz has you covered. cats and those 1:00 followed by fifth quarter postgame show here on wbz. as for the bruins in detroit morning for a game against the red wings without forward, suspended day to get games for this it on the new york rangers period and now he will set out the next two games of the retro. and we have seen this before department. last night dwyane wade in a different uniform. in his chicago debut with the bulls clinging to a lead way drilled the three, insurmountable lead and had a boston the first loss of the season 105-99 game 3 of the
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every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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. fun to see, back home three harbor seal pups return to the ocean. >> they had months of rehabilitation at the mystic aquarium. they were rescued after they were abandoned at birth. pretty healthy now. released in charlestown, rhode island. an i team investigation into a government program designed to help disabled vets. >> how a local company was caught cheating the system and why the government let it
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every time a new charter opens, it takes money away from the regular public schools from students like mine. massachusetts schools already lose 400 million a year to charters and question two means we'll lose even more. we've got to stop taking from the 96 percent of kids who don't attend a charter school. if you believe every child deserves a great public
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. not a great night a once we get through it improvement. >> absolutely. tonight all about wind especially next five hours in particular cape cod. this weekend 50, near 60 partly
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sunday but that is about it. just what the doctor ordered. >> kids love soccer tomorrow morning. >> yes they will. >> see you at 11. $1,700 more for prescriptions... while protecting tax breaks for the wall street banks and big oil companies that fund her campaign. britt: with kelly ayotte, it's all politics. joanne: she's not looking out for new hampshire anymore.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: an october surprise. >> i need to open with a very critical breaking news announcement. >> pelley: the f.b.i. reoppose the criminal investigation of hillary clinton, 11 days before the also tonight, passengers scramble as an american airlines jetliner catches fire. >> oh. my. god. >> pelley: as more voters consider making recreational pot legal, listen to a doctor where it already is. >> it's affecting the emergency room. it's affecting the operating room. it's affecting just about every aspect of medicine. >> pelley: and steve hartman


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